Railex: The Company

I post this as a heartfelt commendation of this company. Since 1908 the company itself has been through numerous changes in terms of manufacturing, commercial aim, branding and sales. The niche it has carved for itself is that of quality without compromise; an excellent and worthwhile pursuit, and the international reputation speaks for itself.

Railex actory Exterior
Working for Railex (Filing) Ltd. I have been struck by one outstanding thing: the people. This is what makes or breaks a company, and Railex has this personable touch in spades. This is what-in my opinion-makes the company a shining light, standing out against those that have no brand sensibilities and no direction. Railex has always championed the idea of offering help and advice for enquirers and faithful customers alike; if our expertise can be of service, all that we hope is that when issues regarding filing and storage arise, the Railex name will be remembered and sought out.
As we move into the new year, I hope you will remember the Railex brand. If document management is needed in any capacity-be it home office or the largest of organisations-Railex Filing will always be able to provide a solution for you. Simply call +44 (0)1704 222100, visit the website, or email us direct and speak to someone with the correct knowledge and a willingness to genuinely help your circumstances.
Long may this continue.

The Art of Filing: A Users Guide

The first month of a new year is a great time to take stock and organise your important documents.  Railex have provided this video guide to help determine which type of file you will need to best arrange your vital records.

Why not have a look at our other files, and the accompanying YouTube demonstration clips, and find out how Railex can assist you with your daily office organisation.


A Guide to Office Filing

Find the right files for your purposes with this simple filing guide from Railex Filing.

The most secure way to deal with paper documentation is to have it hole punched.  This ensures that papers are held securely and in the correct order when filed within an appropriate file.  These types of file are usually referred to as clip or transfer files.  If you have an important document that cannot be punched, they can still be stored in this type of file in clear plastic pockets.

Railex Filing manufacture three kinds of transfer file, including Railex Easifile and Railex Polifile, as well as the more Railex Easifile Rangetraditional Springarch File.  Watch the demonstration videos on our YouTube Channel to find out more about how to use these designs.

Filing paper which is not punched presents a different challenge, and therefore requires a different type of file.  A Square Cut Folder is simply a piece of robust card, which is folded in order to provide a place for a small amount of paper to be stored together.  Alternatively, a Pocket Folder (or Shelf Wallet) provides an enclosed space in which to securely place any loose-leaf documentation you may have.

After the first stage of filing papers, the files themselves have to be placed in a storage system. This system should house the files in a secure, ordered and easily accessible manner.  Suspension Files (or hanging files) can be used to Lateral Visage Suspension Filestore large numbers of smaller files to great effect.  The two types of suspension file you will come across are lateral suspension and vertical suspension (or drawer suspension) files.  These files are designed to contain a number of transfer files, so that they can be grouped and categorized.

The storage system itself will consist of suspension files and the corresponding storage unit in which they are then housed.   A typical drawer based filing cabinet will allow for the files to be stored vertically within the drawer, which means the files are visible from above.  Similarly, a cabinet with lateral rails will suit lateral suspension files, these being accessible from a sideways angle.  If you already have a system of shelves, these can be converted to accommodate lateral files, or shelf dividers can be used in order to organize the files themselves.

If you have any queries regarding any filing issues please contact Railex (Filing) Ltd.