Railex – A Video Filing Guide

Do you ever struggle to find the right file for your specific document storage needs?  Has filing important papers (and the files you actually use) become an afterthought in your office?  Railex (Filing) Ltd. has put together this useful video guide to help you find the right file for your needs and – furthermore – to then use them correctly.  We believe the correct use of files and folders is the cornerstone of an organized office and, in turn, this leads to a successfully run, productive business.  If you require any more information please visit our website, or contact us by telephone (+44 (0)1704 222100), email (sales@railexfiling.co.uk), or fill out our contact form.


Railex: The Filing Specialists


This Is Railex Filing – Video

Find out about Railex the company, our team and our direction, all in this
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Reviewing Langstane Office Magic Show

Last week, (13th – 14th of March 2013) Railex attended the Langstane Langstane Office SuppliesOffice Productivity Show.  As mentioned in our previous pre-emptive blog, this is a unique event for luminaries of the office stationery world to gather, network and exchange ideas.

We would like to thank all of those who visited us at our stand and took time to appreciate the individual way in which we chose to display theRailex at the Langstane Productivity Show bright colours of our quality Easifile and Polifile ranges! (see photo)

Railex Filing always enjoy the vibrant way in which Langstane celebrates and promotes its brands in this way; it gives an opportunity to express the company from a fresh persepctive, and we can personally recommend the event for its fun, captivating atmosphere!

Read some more testimonials of the event by clicking here.

Railex at Langstane Office ‘Magic’ Show

On March the 13th and 14th this year (20Railex Filing Specialists13), Railex Filing will be attending Langstane’s Magic Office Productivity Show, taking place in the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom. Held by Langstane Press Limited every two years, this event provides the perfect forum for all those concerned with the office product industry to exchange ideas in a vibrant, fun environment. By all langstane_logoaccounts, 2011’s event was a great success, being both informative and enjoyable for all involved.  Langstane are one of the UK’s foremost office suppliers, stocked with over 3500 lines available for for next day delivery.

Railex has long been a supporter oflangstane_hat this biannual tradition for the British office supplies calendar, and we are very much looking forward to participating in the event this year. We are also excited to see all of our peers within the industry and to catch up with the latest trends and innovations, as always. The shows theme is ‘Magic’, and we hope to be able to support this theme wholeheartedly with the our own stand, featuring our unique nod towards the Magic motif!

Click here for details of how to register, and be sure to visit the Railex stand to say hello, and to have a look at our range of high-quality office files.  For directions to the show, click here.

Returning from Paperworld

PW_Plakat_A4_GB.inddAs Railex return from Paperworld 2013, we would like to thank all of the people who took an interest in our stand and came along to see us in person.  It was a pleasure to meet everyone and have the opportunity to talk about our products and services.

This year, we found that there was overwhelming interest in our bespoke file production services: our Specials.  This facility allows Railex to provide our customers with a superior bespoke service.  This means we can customize an existing design to suit certain specifications, or create an Railex Factory Interiorentirely new product to fit whatever the customer needs.  Our knowledge and experience in filing allows us to help and advise the customer at every stage; from conception and production, all the way to delivery.

We also had a particularly positive and global response to our Polifile product this year, and would also like to thank those who showed an interest in this, as well as our many other filing and record management products.

Thanks again to everyone who came along to see us, we hope you the found whole event as interesting and productive as we did!

Railex Filing at Paperworld 2013

As we reach the final stages of 2012, Railex (Filing) Ltd. is looking forward to JanuaryPaperworld 2013 2013 and our imminent appearance at the Paperworld trade fair.   The annual, world-renowned trade fair, which represents everything paper, stationery and office-oriented, will be taking place from the 26th to the 29th of January 2013Railex Filing will be in attendance,and will be proud to be representing our industry-leading set of filing solutions.  Paperworld (read the blog here) is organised by Messe Frankfurt – one of the world’s largest and most successful trade fair companies – and it offers Railex the unique opportunity to share our enthusiasm for our particular brand of files, folders and document storage solutions.  We will be located at stand F30, in hall 3.0, and will be on hand during this period to discuss all matters file-related.

Railex - The Filing Specialists - Catalogue

Paperworld has long been the first port of call for representing innovations in the world of stationery and paper management; somewhere that Railex – The Filing Specialists – naturally find themselves at home.  We are excited to be a Paperworld exhibitor, and are looking forward to using this opportunity to publicly unveil our new Railex catalogue!  Please come to visit the Railex stand and pick up a copy to view our comprehensive range of office filing solutions.  The Paperworld trade fair is always a unique opportunity to be able to actively demonstrate the innovative and reliable nature of the Railex brand, as well as being a unique chance to be able to meet with both our customers and compatriots in person.

Find out details of the event here, and feel free to come along and make contact with Railex Filing, in person, this coming January.

A Guide to Office Filing

Find the right files for your purposes with this simple filing guide from Railex Filing.

The most secure way to deal with paper documentation is to have it hole punched.  This ensures that papers are held securely and in the correct order when filed within an appropriate file.  These types of file are usually referred to as clip or transfer files.  If you have an important document that cannot be punched, they can still be stored in this type of file in clear plastic pockets.

Railex Filing manufacture three kinds of transfer file, including Railex Easifile and Railex Polifile, as well as the more Railex Easifile Rangetraditional Springarch File.  Watch the demonstration videos on our YouTube Channel to find out more about how to use these designs.

Filing paper which is not punched presents a different challenge, and therefore requires a different type of file.  A Square Cut Folder is simply a piece of robust card, which is folded in order to provide a place for a small amount of paper to be stored together.  Alternatively, a Pocket Folder (or Shelf Wallet) provides an enclosed space in which to securely place any loose-leaf documentation you may have.

After the first stage of filing papers, the files themselves have to be placed in a storage system. This system should house the files in a secure, ordered and easily accessible manner.  Suspension Files (or hanging files) can be used to Lateral Visage Suspension Filestore large numbers of smaller files to great effect.  The two types of suspension file you will come across are lateral suspension and vertical suspension (or drawer suspension) files.  These files are designed to contain a number of transfer files, so that they can be grouped and categorized.

The storage system itself will consist of suspension files and the corresponding storage unit in which they are then housed.   A typical drawer based filing cabinet will allow for the files to be stored vertically within the drawer, which means the files are visible from above.  Similarly, a cabinet with lateral rails will suit lateral suspension files, these being accessible from a sideways angle.  If you already have a system of shelves, these can be converted to accommodate lateral files, or shelf dividers can be used in order to organize the files themselves.

If you have any queries regarding any filing issues please contact Railex (Filing) Ltd.

Railex Filing Open Day held in Dublin

On 28-29 November 2012, Railex Filing held our first Open Day in Dublin with DB Office Supplies and were on hand on the day to answer any questions, as well as to provide information regarding our comprehensive range of high quality filing systems and filing accessories.

DB Office Supplies have been proud to offer unparalleled levels of quality and attention to detail in the field of office supplies for over 20 years and in the supply of suspension files and transfer files are an established Railex Filing Dealer.

Our Open Day  gave potential DB Office customers the chance to see innovative Railex Filing products – such as the Easifile, Polifile and Suspension Files – in use. We demonstrated the use of Large Format Media Files; Hanging Files ideal for storing Print Plates, Cutter Foils and Graphic Arts materials.

Railex share DB Office Supplies devotion to quality and service, making the synergy between our companies unique.

You can learn more about our company by watching our informative video, or view our Youtube Channel for demonstration videos, showing how to use our Files and Folders.

Established in 1989, DB Office Supplies are a wholly Irish-owned company, and are keen to promote the means to make your workspace modern, functional and an attractive environment.