Railex: The Company

I post this as a heartfelt commendation of this company. Since 1908 the company itself has been through numerous changes in terms of manufacturing, commercial aim, branding and sales. The niche it has carved for itself is that of quality without compromise; an excellent and worthwhile pursuit, and the international reputation speaks for itself.

Railex actory Exterior
Working for Railex (Filing) Ltd. I have been struck by one outstanding thing: the people. This is what makes or breaks a company, and Railex has this personable touch in spades. This is what-in my opinion-makes the company a shining light, standing out against those that have no brand sensibilities and no direction. Railex has always championed the idea of offering help and advice for enquirers and faithful customers alike; if our expertise can be of service, all that we hope is that when issues regarding filing and storage arise, the Railex name will be remembered and sought out.
As we move into the new year, I hope you will remember the Railex brand. If document management is needed in any capacity-be it home office or the largest of organisations-Railex Filing will always be able to provide a solution for you. Simply call +44 (0)1704 222100, visit the website, or email us direct and speak to someone with the correct knowledge and a willingness to genuinely help your circumstances.
Long may this continue.

Happy New Year! Railex Filing Folk Tales – Chapter 4

As a welcome to 2014, the latest in the line of Railex Filing folk tales is an altogether more swashbuckling affair!  This time,  we find ourselves in more exotic surroundings, hopefully providing a tropical antidote to our current winter conditions! Railex Filing - Happy New Year!

Long John Silver was anxiously pacing the Captain’s quarters.  His hostile takeover bid – some might say mutiny – had gone according to plan, but in all the consequent chaos, the treasure map had disappeared.  He proceeded to frantically search for it amongst the carnage.

What was the point in commandeering a ship if he had no means of finding the beloved booty? He rifled through the ship’s files for the umpteenth time, before pulling them out randomly and throwing them on the creaking cabin floor.

Silver’s natural resolve was waning; he could not find the document he wanted.  The slapdash selection of files hung in tatters, a sorry looking mess with no discernible order to it at all.

It was then that his faithful parrot, Cap’n Flint, flew in with the missing manuscript in his beak: it was the map!

‘Cap’n Flint, you little beauty!’ cried Silver, his demeanour changing from annoyance to one of victory.  ‘How in name of Davy Jones’ Locker did you find it?’

Dropping the scroll into his hands, the bird flapped over to a cord hanging from the ceiling and tugged vigorously.  To Silver’s amazement, a panel in the wall opened to reveal an immaculate Railex filing system.  ‘Railex, Railex!’ squawked the parrot.

Two weeks had passed, and the ship dropped anchor at the island.  Silver clambered eagerly into his landing craft, greedy for the precious plunder.  He rowed ashore and limped his way across the sand, excitedly unfolding the map as he went.

To his horror, the opened document revealed itself to be a HM Customs cash declaration form!  He spun around to discover the ship sailing in the opposite direction.  He was left stranded with a ‘C9011’ and no way of finding the lost loot. 

It was then that he heard the faint, taunting sound of Cap’n Flint – still aboard the departing ship – ‘pieces of eight, pieces of eight, pieces of eight …’  

Have a very happy and prosperous 2014, from all at Railex (Filing) Ltd!

Reviewing Langstane Office Magic Show

Last week, (13th – 14th of March 2013) Railex attended the Langstane Langstane Office SuppliesOffice Productivity Show.  As mentioned in our previous pre-emptive blog, this is a unique event for luminaries of the office stationery world to gather, network and exchange ideas.

We would like to thank all of those who visited us at our stand and took time to appreciate the individual way in which we chose to display theRailex at the Langstane Productivity Show bright colours of our quality Easifile and Polifile ranges! (see photo)

Railex Filing always enjoy the vibrant way in which Langstane celebrates and promotes its brands in this way; it gives an opportunity to express the company from a fresh persepctive, and we can personally recommend the event for its fun, captivating atmosphere!

Read some more testimonials of the event by clicking here.

Railex Filing at Paperworld 2013

As we reach the final stages of 2012, Railex (Filing) Ltd. is looking forward to JanuaryPaperworld 2013 2013 and our imminent appearance at the Paperworld trade fair.   The annual, world-renowned trade fair, which represents everything paper, stationery and office-oriented, will be taking place from the 26th to the 29th of January 2013Railex Filing will be in attendance,and will be proud to be representing our industry-leading set of filing solutions.  Paperworld (read the blog here) is organised by Messe Frankfurt – one of the world’s largest and most successful trade fair companies – and it offers Railex the unique opportunity to share our enthusiasm for our particular brand of files, folders and document storage solutions.  We will be located at stand F30, in hall 3.0, and will be on hand during this period to discuss all matters file-related.

Railex - The Filing Specialists - Catalogue

Paperworld has long been the first port of call for representing innovations in the world of stationery and paper management; somewhere that Railex – The Filing Specialists – naturally find themselves at home.  We are excited to be a Paperworld exhibitor, and are looking forward to using this opportunity to publicly unveil our new Railex catalogue!  Please come to visit the Railex stand and pick up a copy to view our comprehensive range of office filing solutions.  The Paperworld trade fair is always a unique opportunity to be able to actively demonstrate the innovative and reliable nature of the Railex brand, as well as being a unique chance to be able to meet with both our customers and compatriots in person.

Find out details of the event here, and feel free to come along and make contact with Railex Filing, in person, this coming January.