Railex: The Company

I post this as a heartfelt commendation of this company. Since 1908 the company itself has been through numerous changes in terms of manufacturing, commercial aim, branding and sales. The niche it has carved for itself is that of quality without compromise; an excellent and worthwhile pursuit, and the international reputation speaks for itself.

Railex actory Exterior
Working for Railex (Filing) Ltd. I have been struck by one outstanding thing: the people. This is what makes or breaks a company, and Railex has this personable touch in spades. This is what-in my opinion-makes the company a shining light, standing out against those that have no brand sensibilities and no direction. Railex has always championed the idea of offering help and advice for enquirers and faithful customers alike; if our expertise can be of service, all that we hope is that when issues regarding filing and storage arise, the Railex name will be remembered and sought out.
As we move into the new year, I hope you will remember the Railex brand. If document management is needed in any capacity-be it home office or the largest of organisations-Railex Filing will always be able to provide a solution for you. Simply call +44 (0)1704 222100, visit the website, or email us direct and speak to someone with the correct knowledge and a willingness to genuinely help your circumstances.
Long may this continue.

The Art of Filing: A Users Guide

The first month of a new year is a great time to take stock and organise your important documents.  Railex have provided this video guide to help determine which type of file you will need to best arrange your vital records.

Why not have a look at our other files, and the accompanying YouTube demonstration clips, and find out how Railex can assist you with your daily office organisation.


Happy New Year! Railex Filing Folk Tales – Chapter 4

As a welcome to 2014, the latest in the line of Railex Filing folk tales is an altogether more swashbuckling affair!  This time,  we find ourselves in more exotic surroundings, hopefully providing a tropical antidote to our current winter conditions! Railex Filing - Happy New Year!

Long John Silver was anxiously pacing the Captain’s quarters.  His hostile takeover bid – some might say mutiny – had gone according to plan, but in all the consequent chaos, the treasure map had disappeared.  He proceeded to frantically search for it amongst the carnage.

What was the point in commandeering a ship if he had no means of finding the beloved booty? He rifled through the ship’s files for the umpteenth time, before pulling them out randomly and throwing them on the creaking cabin floor.

Silver’s natural resolve was waning; he could not find the document he wanted.  The slapdash selection of files hung in tatters, a sorry looking mess with no discernible order to it at all.

It was then that his faithful parrot, Cap’n Flint, flew in with the missing manuscript in his beak: it was the map!

‘Cap’n Flint, you little beauty!’ cried Silver, his demeanour changing from annoyance to one of victory.  ‘How in name of Davy Jones’ Locker did you find it?’

Dropping the scroll into his hands, the bird flapped over to a cord hanging from the ceiling and tugged vigorously.  To Silver’s amazement, a panel in the wall opened to reveal an immaculate Railex filing system.  ‘Railex, Railex!’ squawked the parrot.

Two weeks had passed, and the ship dropped anchor at the island.  Silver clambered eagerly into his landing craft, greedy for the precious plunder.  He rowed ashore and limped his way across the sand, excitedly unfolding the map as he went.

To his horror, the opened document revealed itself to be a HM Customs cash declaration form!  He spun around to discover the ship sailing in the opposite direction.  He was left stranded with a ‘C9011’ and no way of finding the lost loot. 

It was then that he heard the faint, taunting sound of Cap’n Flint – still aboard the departing ship – ‘pieces of eight, pieces of eight, pieces of eight …’  

Have a very happy and prosperous 2014, from all at Railex (Filing) Ltd!

Railex Filing Folk Tales: Xmas Special

Railex Files at Christmas 2013The third installment from this series sees Railex Filing fully expressing our Christmas cheer. Feeling suitably festive, our run up to the yuletide period culminates with a visit from some familiar Christmas characters and some festive filing fun!

Cratchit quietly stooped towards the diminishing glow of the fireplace, refreshing the supply of what little coal was left thereon. He could barely move his hands because of the bitter cold, making the long list of forthcoming duties all the more difficult to complete. If he could maintain comfortable working conditions he would be able to work easily to his quota, but he feared that his miserly superior failed to realise the concept of false economy, especially when it came to filing.

To Scrooge economising was everything; his large fortune a testament to his lifetime’s penny-pinching paradigm. While Cratchit struggled with his workload, Scrooge was busying himself in the back-room with the unforgivably slapdash system of files. The caution with which Scrooge treated his own accounts could not be said for that of his clients; the firms filing system had been in need of an overhaul for years.

Scrooge acknowledged his colleague, briefly ending his continuous cursing and sporadic mutterings of ‘bah, humbug!’

‘I suppose you’ll be wanting tomorrow off Cratchit?’ He grumbled. Christmas did not appeal to his stingy sensibilities. ‘It is but once a year sir’ he answered, apologetically. ‘Very well’ retorted Scrooge, ‘but be here all the earlier the next morning!

Christmas came and went, with the Cratchits making rather merry in their meagre – yet joyously festive – dwellings. He entered the office the following morning, filled with dread over his obvious lateness. Mr Scrooge was already hunched at his desk. Sitting down nervously to start his work, he gathered up a pile of official papers and took them to file.

Entering the backroom, he was immediately taken aback by that which confronted him. Where there was once a confusing clutter stood an immaculate set of Railex Files. Bemused, he returned to the office and was once again astounded. Scrooge faced him with an uncharacteristically sincere smile on his face. ‘W … What has happened Mr Scrooge?’ enquired the Clerk, his eyes wide with astonishment. ‘I want to change Bob. You see, I recently had a profound experience’ … Scrooge looked off, wistfully, ‘well; I don’t really have time to go into it all, but it suffices to say that I honestly wish to change my ways.’

‘I want to help Bob, if you’ll let me’ he continued ‘and I have started by organising our documents properly. I have been blessed with a future vision of how Railex – The Filing Specialists – can help the organisation of our workspace, no end. Now, put some more coal on that fire!’ Bob smiled, recognising the miraculous power of the Christmas spirit. He then uttered a poignant phrase which had echoed in his head since yesterday, an expression which now seemed wholly appropriate: ‘God bless us, everyone!’


Railex (Filing) Ltd. at Christmas, 2013

Railex ClickTab – A Demonstration Video

The Railex Click Tab is a patented way of quickly indexing any file or folder, quickly and effectively. Below is a short video, demonstrating best practice when using the ClickTab for rapid identification of files.

Visit the railexfiling youtube channel for more useful filing video guides.

Railex Filing Folk Tales: Chapter Two

The second installment from the Railex Filing Folk Tales, featuring the exploits of some more familiar characters!

Holmes cocked his head in his customary quizzical manner. Smoke billowed across the room as he lit up his thirtieth pipe of the day. Watson recognised the look: Holmes was thinking.

“What’s the problem Holmes?” enquired Watson, staring over his copy of the Times.

“That case with the hound, something still bothers me. Where did we file the casework for the whole ghastly incident?”

Watson looked concerned; “It should have been filed in the usual manner” he said gruffly, looking towards the haphazard selection of files, curious objects and paraphernalia. He tried – and failed – to hide his look of disapproval as he observed Holmes’ filing ‘system’.  Holmes raised himself from his chair, approaching the aforementioned jumble with an air of determination. “Mrs Hudson!” he yelled, “why are my files in such disarray!?”

“Really Holmes” snapped Watson, “you can’t keep blaming that poor, long-suffering woman for what you really should be able to take care of yourself. Why does such a keen mind surround himself with such chaos?” As luck would have it, Mrs. Hudson then entered carrying a new set of sturdy files.

“Here” she said, presenting them to Holmes “I knew you would need this mess sorting out sooner or later, I got these from the Railex Filing stores. They are – in fact – the filing specialists, just who you need to solve your kind of a problem.” Holmes looked surprisingly sheepish for a man with such a usual demeanour of arrogance.

“You see” laughed Watson “quality filing really is quite elementary, my dear Holmes!”

Railex – The Filing Folk Tales

In the run up to Christmas, Railex will be publishing a series of ‘filing folk tales’ online.  These are a series of stories featuring well known characters from the public consciousness, amended to feature their hitherto unknown adventures with Railex Files!  These ‘stories’ were previously only available as printed editorial copy.  We start, this week, with our first foray into this captivating world, and some familiar woodland friends:

Mole sat in his office, held his small grey head in his hands and thought ‘Why me?’ He reflected on his morning, that had started with bright hopes of completing the Lennon-Smythe accounts, but had been brought to an abrupt halt by one phone call from Mr Toad. In many respects Mr Toad was being unusually reasonable, why shouldn’t he have a copy of last year’s accounts? But could Mole find the file? No, he couldn’t and had spent the last 30 minutes looking for it. Well actually he had spent the last 30 minutes stomping around, as best a mole can, and shouting at the poor rabbits to look for it.

Rat was passing and heard the commotion. ‘What’s the matter Mole, you haven’t lost another file have you?’ he asked. It was clear from Mole’s expression that his enquiry was unwelcome, and that this was unlikely to be an appropriate time to put forward improvements to Mole’s record management system.

Later, after Mole had calmed down, he met with Rat for a coffee. ‘The file had been on my desk all along’ he said, with a faint glow of embarrassment in his cheeks. ‘I need to go and see Badger and get some expert advice’. Rat sat back and smiled, ‘Compliance with the Practice Assurance standards is not rocket science’ he grinned, ‘I’m sure we can work this out with a little bit of help from Wise Owl up at Railex Nook.’

Mole had just finished clearing some cupboard space when his new suspension files arrived. Rat showed him how to label them with the names of his clients and then asked the rabbits to make sure that all the document files were labelled as well. ‘Wise Owl told us to make sure that there was a place for everything and everything in its place’, he reminded everyone.

Mole tottered on his kick-step before slipping and showering working papers everywhere. His head poked through the mound of paper and he smiled. ‘My dad always said that with hands like these I’d be more suited to a career in construction!’

– The Wise Owl at Railex

© Railex (Filing) Ltd.

Labelexpo: Railex Return

As highlighted by one of our earlier posts, Railex has recently enjoyed attending LabelExpo2013-from-abovethe pinnacle of the Label production calendar, Labelexpo.  This exhibition is always a fantastic opportunity to meet the leading exponents of the label print industry. Labelexpo Europe in particular is the biggest label printing exhibition in the world, not least this year boasting 7 full halls, covering 31,000 square metres,  filled with near 600 exhibitors!
The exhibitors themselves form the backbone of cutting-edge in label print technologies. Inkjet to cutting dies and flexo curing technologies, all aspects of the industry are represented to a very high standard. Railex pride themselves on The Railex stand at Labelexpo 2013always being an original attraction at this event, providing innovative, attractive storage solutions for the print industry. This year was no exception, where we enjoyed meeting with enthusiatic exponents from around the globe, generating leads and making friends at a rate worthy of the event itself. We made over 200 contacts, all of whom were interested in how we can help them store and save effectively.
We believe that the label industry can benefit massively from cutting down their storage space and that Railex provide just that solution. Storing printing materials in our specially designed files leaves more room for precious machinery, and the Railex Qucikrack Miniway in which it was stored means manual access is speeded up, meaning a vastly increased workrate.
If you are interested in our range of storage products, please visit our website for further information.
Thanks again to all of those who came to visit the Railex stand this year, we hope you had as productive a time as we did and we hope to see everyone again in two years time.

European Graphic Arts Agents: Polski – Français – Belge

In the captivating excitement generated by the current countdown to Labelexpo Europe 2013, we at Railex (Filing) Ltd are seeking out European representatives for our Graphic Arts and Large Format storage solutions.

The buzz surrounding this year’s flagship Label Printer exhibition is palpable, so visit one of our three country-specific landing pages to find out more about our exciting range of label print storage systems.  Discover whether you could become a Railex representative for Poland, France or Belgium. Click on a corresponding flag to discover the details about this exciting opportunity.

Alternatively just go straight to the Railex homepage, send us an email, or phone us on: +44 1704 222100

Railex PolandRailex FranceRailex Belgium

Railex Filing: Looking Towards Labelexpo Europe 2013

Labelexpo Europe is a biannual event, bringing together the most reputable of the label print industry for one of the most important dates in their calendar.  It is the world’s largest event for the label, product decoration, web printing and label converting industry and is held in Brussels Expo, which boasts 115,000 m2  of facilities.

Railex Filing Ltd. have long been aLabelexpo_Europe_2013_logo_vertical_onwhite supporter of this excellent trade show and this years promises to be bigger than ever.  Railex are proud to be attending again this year, and will be exhibiting some exciting and innovative storage products for the label industry.

This year we will be showcasing the hanging file system that is aimed specifically at label printers.  Our resilient Polypropylene suspension files are available in a variety of suitable sizes, which sit securely onto our exclusive Quickrack system.  The unique qualities of this racking unit permits easy movement across a workshop’s floorspace, meaning that it can be placed close to a workstation.  This allows the correct tools to be located and retrieved both quickly and easily while working, making the process much more efficient.  Because this vertical storage system stores cutter dies and litho plates flat, it allows for greater storage over a much smaller floor space (as opposed to storing in tubes).  This means that up to 500 flexible dies, cutters and plates can be stored in a space which constitutes 50% of the area that would usually be needed.  Have a look at our flyer for an indication of the specific space savings that can be made.

Polypropylene Files - ColouredThis year, we will also be presenting our new range of polypropylene colours, which offer a stylish alternative to the traditional transparent model.  They are also useful for colour coding specific sections of the filing system, making the rapid selection of the correct item even simpler.

The combination of a specialized design and polypropylene material also protects the valuable plates from contamination, damage and dust.  With all of these factors combined, it is clear why these make a superior choice for the storage of these media.  There is a useful video guide available here, to further demonstrate this supreme storage alternative.

So, if you are attending Labelexpo Europe 2013, be sure to come down and visit Railex Filing on in Hall 6, stand 6H19.